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Google to Discontinue Business Profile Chat

Google to Discontinue Business Profile Chat

It can be unpleasant for business owners to know the decision from Google to discontinue Business Profile Chat without anything to replace it. It was a useful chat tool for small and medium businesses. 

Google informed it is effective from July 15, 2024, and call history and chat functionalities will be shut down by July 31, 2024.

The chat feature has worked since 2018, Business Profile Chat was a useful and popular tool among small and medium-sized enterprises. It allowed businesses to interact with customers directly through their business profiles. Also, Google has assured users they will not be left without support. 

To assist businesses, Google advises:

  1. Download your business profile chat history using Google Takeout.
  2. Invite customers to alternative chat solutions for seamless conversations.

Businesses that have relied on it for seamless customer interaction raised concerns after the discontinuation of Business Profile Chat. Many SMEs were triggered about losing this valuable client engagement tool, But the rest of the business community widely accepted Google’s decision. 

One reason for discontinuing is that they were receiving a vast amount of spam messages. And also addressed concerns about difficult decisions that may impact their businesses and partners.

Google offers resources to help businesses navigate this change, ensuring your Business Profile remains useful. They are committed to supporting you through the transition.


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