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Website Hack Removal
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We create websites, secure them with the latest security measures and make sure they are safe to browse for your visitors. We can also help you fix hacked/malware infected websites or help you prevent future hacks before they damage your reputation.

If hackers find a vulnerability in WordPress or any other CMS – whether it’s through an outdated version or through some loopholes, it is going to be bad for your website and business, really bad!

If you think your site is hacked or infected with malware, do not worry! We have a team of malware removal experts at MakTal who use the latest tools and technologies to detect these vulnerabilities before they damage your reputation.  Let us know if you need our help with removing threats or fixing a hacked website.


How do I know if my website is hacked?

Have you ever had this question in mind? There are certain things you can check to know if your site is hacked.
Below things indicate that your website is probably hacked.

Unusual redirects

If your website is hacked, it will often redirect visitors to unsolicited sites like porn sites, pharma sites, phishing sites and the list goes on. Did any of your website visitors complain about this?

Bulk outgoing emails

Hackers can use your email address to send bulk marketing emails. If you are using a good hosting company, they can notify you when unusual mass-mailing happens.

Unidentified content

Hackers use shell scripts or malicious files to periodically inject promotional content, hidden pages and blog posts to your website. Weird part is that you cannot see these pages in backend, but search engines index those pages. Hence visitors searching for your website on google would finally land on unwanted pages.

Slow loading

If your site is loading deadly slow, you may need to check if your site is hacked. In most cases, hacked websites use a lot of resources on your server making the site load too slow. And if you are on shared hosting, things are going to be worse and customers will probably see "Site Down" messages often.

How do we clean and secure your site?

We take a step-by-step approach in cleaning your infected site and making it secure.

Initial site checkup

You will need to provide hosting access to your infected site so that we can check files and database. we will then perform an initial site audit to see how bad the infection is. Please discuss with us if you do not have access to your website hosting.

Security hardening

This is really an important step! We will make sure that your website is using newer version of plugins and themes and running on a secure version of php. If you have installed paid plugins or themes, you will need to provide latest version of those. Also if we think the hosting package is not a secure one, we will suggest you to move to a new one.

Malware or hack removal

In this step, we will do a detailed cleanup of malware files, shell scripts or any malicious content from your website files and database. Do not worry, we will take a backup of your infected site before doing any changes.

Backup creation

Once the website is completely cleaned, we will take a final backup of your secure website. We can also help you setup daily or weekly backups for your website. Backups are really helpful to prevent data loss. You can easily take manual backups when needed. Or you can schedule daily backups using paid services.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you in cleaning and securing a hacked website, please let us know!

After Support

Website Security & Maintenance

We provide free support if your site gets hacked again in 30 days after malware or hack removal.

There is a chance of getting hacked again if you are not doing proper periodical maintenance including plugin updates, theme updates, php version updates etc. Our Website Security and Maintenance service make sure that your website is safe from hackers.


Is your website hacked?

Our Website Hack Removal removal service will ensure your website is safe for customers to visit!