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5 Best Countries to Outsource Web Development Projects

outsource website development projects

Web development is a constantly evolving field, and as such the demand for skilled programmers continues to rise. Outsourcing is a great way to save time and money in many cases. You’ll be able to access a larger talent pool that can help meet deadlines for all sorts of projects which means better quality work with less stress!

Reasons Why Companies Outsource Web Development

Web development in-house requires a team of skilled professionals. At the same time, hiring web developers and designers just for building a website or app doesn’t seem wise and cost-effective. In such cases, outsourcing web development is a viable option for startups, small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and large corporations. Find out why outsourcing website development is a great choice.

Better Affordability

Outsourcing web development reduces workplace and recruitment expenses for a company, rather than doing it in-house. Outsourcing product development is far more affordable than using a team of in-house developers. 

By outsourcing services, you can save money on hiring a team of developers, purchasing IT equipment and tools, renting an office, paying employees’ salaries and benefits, and paying electricity bills. The money saved by outsourcing can thus be invested in the growth of your core business. Especially if you are a startup, you would know that every penny you save impacts your business. 

Easy Access To Global Talent

Outsourcing web development can give you easy access to a global talent pool that best suits your project requirements. An outsourcing services provider can provide you with a ready-made team of experts in a very short span that can complete and deliver a high-quality product on time. 

Full Focus On Your Business Growth

In-house web development requires a lot of attention, including monitoring, adhering to best coding practices, meeting quality standards, and testing for bugs. Concentrating on these tasks may negatively impact your business. So availing an expert web development outsourcing service provider will help you better focus on your business growth activities.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

By outsourcing, you save the time it would take to build an in-house team and complete the project in-house. Explaining your project requirements to the experts takes very little time. Once you have explained them, the service provider will take care of the rest. Thus through outsourcing, you will be able to accomplish your project with greater efficiency and in less time than your in-house product development team.

Top 5 Countries to Outsource Web Development

Here are the best 5 countries to outsource website development projects. There are a number of major countries that appear frequently on the list, including India, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Argentina, etc. 


India is often regarded as the best country for offshore outsourcing. The nation has emerged as a major supplier of business outsourcing and information technology services. Four of every ten remote workers are from India in the web development and technology sectors.

  • More than half of the top 500 global corporations collaborate with Indian companies
  • Four of every ten remote workers are from India in the web development and technology sectors
  • There is a lot of English spoken there, which is one of its biggest draws
Rating (according to HackerRank) 76%
Services costs (data from PayScale and Glassdoor) $18–40/hour
English Proficiency (according to EF EPI) Intermediate, with a regional rating of 55,49
Time zone GMT+5:30


China is an excellent location for businesses to thrive and for the economy to grow. The Chinese government offers financial incentives to encourage the growth of technology companies. 

  • Chinese developers now hold the top spot in all HackerRank competitions
  • More than fifty science and technology business parks are spread out over the nation

China has the most sophisticated web development in Asia. Additionally, it’s simple to discover a web developer knowledgeable in that platform whether you want to use JavaScript, Python, or Shell.

Rating (according to HackerRank) 100%
Services costs (data from PayScale and Glassdoor) $18–40/hour
English Proficiency (according to EF EPI) Intermediate, with a regional rating of 53,44
Time zone GMT+8


In the Asia pacific countries, Vietnam’s economy is expanding at one of the fastest rates. From a low-tech manufacturing economy to a service-based economy, the country went from being one of the poorest in the world to being vibrant with a favorable business climate. 

  • One of the few Asian nations that potentially surpass China and India, with an average economic growth rate of 5.5%
  • One of Asia’s busiest economies and a fast emerging major outsourcing hub

The government also offers incentives to IT professionals through laws and money. For four years, tech companies have been eligible for a tax discount on their business income. Additionally, for up to 9 years, they are eligible for a 50% tax reduction.


Ukraine is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s most important and competitive outsourcing destinations. Over a thousand Ukrainian outsourcing companies can help you find the best coders. As a result, Ukraine has developed into a fantastic location for investment for small and large businesses.

  • The Ukrainian market for IT outsourcing is anticipated to increase by $6 billion in 2022 and $8.4 billion in 2025
  • According to the Coursera Global Skills research, developers in Ukraine possess the seventh-highest level of technical expertise worldwide
  • According to another study, 85% of Ukrainian programmers have at least an intermediate level of English
Rating (according to HackerRank) 88.7%
Services costs (data from PayScale and Glassdoor) $25–50/hour
English Proficiency (according to EF EPI) Basic, with a regional rating of 52,13
Time zone GMT+3


Everyone knows that cost, or the quality-to-cost ratio is the primary factor influencing a company’s decision to outsource. Latin America, and Argentina in particular, have consequently emerged as the most preferred locations for outsourcing.

  • According to EF, Argentina has the best English proficiency in Latin America
  • Ranks as the 15th best English-speaking nation globally
  • The government of Argentina invests a higher percentage of its GDP per person in education
Rating (according to HackerRank) 72,1%
Services costs (data from PayScale and Glassdoor) $30–50/hour
English Proficiency (according to EF EPI) Upper-intermediate, with a regional rating of 58,38
Time zone GMT-3

The expertise and reliability of outsourcing providers play a major role in the decision to outsource web development services. Skilled developers, global recognition, and the cost factor are detrimental for prolonged advantage. Be sure to choose the best service providers from the best countries listed above.


Saifudheen Mak

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